StarGear Starship Cards: Combat Reference Deck

StarGear Starship Cards: Combat Reference Deck



Make sure your starships are running as smoothly as possible with these combat reference cards, fully compatible with the Starfinder Role Playing Game from Paizo Inc.

These cards are dry and wet-erase friendly, but ballpoint pens can work if you want something a little more permanent.


  • 32 crew action reference cards. One for every crew action, minor action, and pilot stunt! Each card contains the DC formula, requirements, and the effects that happen on success and failure.

  • 10 fillable role info cards. Two copies for each of the five starship roles (Captain, Pilot, Gunner, Engineer, and Science Officer). Each card has dedicated space to write action DCs as well keep track of relevant starship statistics (like SP and HP for the Science Officer, speed and maneuverability for the Pilot, and system damage for the Engineer).

  • 10 fillable starship weapon cards. Handy for both players and GMs.

  • 6 fillable NPC starship cards. Made for GM use! These cards are intended as a more functional replacement for NPC starship stat blocks.

  • 5 combat round summary cards. Great for reminding new (or forgetful) players of the round structure.

  • 5 double-sided target HP/SP tracker cards. Fillable cards that can be used for tracking the hull damage and shields of scanned enemy starships. Great for the party's Science Officer, but also handy for GM use.

  • 1 starship repair reference card. Summary of how starship repairs work outside of combat.

  • 1 range and critical damage reference card. Summary of how critical damage and weapon ranges function.

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