StarGear Equipment Cards: Custom Gear Deck

StarGear Equipment Cards: Custom Gear Deck



Tired of squeezing the details of your inventory into a cramped character sheet? Sick of having to flip through the rulebook to "remember" the range increment of your laser pistol? Want to trade items with your party members without all the hassle of erasing and rearranging your inventory? Or maybe you're a GM looking for an easy way to hand out some rad loot without holding up your game so people can write stats down? Look no further!

Keep tabs on all of your intergalactic gear with these fill-in-the-blank gear cards, fully compatible with the Starfinder Role Playing Game from Paizo Inc.

Each gear card has room for all of the relevant stats on the front, plus extra space on the back for additional notes.


  • 25 weapon cards

  • 10 ammunition cards

  • 22 item cards

  • 15 armor cards

  • 8 vehicle cards

  • 8 computer cards

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